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The Efficient Contemporary Architecture

The Efficient Contemporary Architecture

This one is relatively new yet we also have expected before; contemporary architecture. If you ever saw a building with its outdoor look seem like pretty rare and you wonder whether that building is a residence or a commercial, the answer actually could be the two of it, but both of them are within what many so called now as contemporary design. To make it relatively cleared, do not be in confusion between contemporary and modern design.

Contemporary Architecture House

Some say that contemporary architecture is one part of modern design, while the others believe that contemporary design is the modern design itself. It can be simply said that contemporary and modern are always associates, just like traditional and classic always are. If you search for what the world of contemporary and modern means in some of that master dictionary, you will find the exact same meaning there: happening. The words of modern even associated with the contemporary meaning.  Thus, in architectural matters, contemporary always relates with modern.

Many years ago, people believed that houses are a symbol of the wealth. The more you get rich, then the bigger and the more luxurious your house should be. It does not only the matters of the space one have in their living space, but also about all the stuff surrounding it. In classic or traditional design of residences we found long ago, we see big sculptures and statues at the gate to enter the house, and the bigger the outdoor statue you have the more pride you get. We also see people built houses where some of if it is not all the ornaments and decorative ideas exist in a way that somehow a little bit too much. Curves and reliefs in the wall and façade, windows full with ornaments and sophisticated interior. In contemporary architecture, we will lesser find something like this. Here, everything is about simplicity.

Many factors why more and more people seem to embrace contemporary architecture these days.  It is about time and money; but let just call it efficiency. First, modern society with modern lifestyle nowadays has no enough time to pay the concern as much as it actually needs to those sophisticated ornaments, sculptures and decorative art that require much time in cleaning and maintaining.

Even if they are able to hire service for cleaning and maintaining their big house together with its all sophisticated stuffs, why they have too if by embracing contemporary design they can live more and clean less? Second, it is surely about the money. Anything in contemporary designs knows how to save money and costs. You will find the exact answer if you may get the differences between maintaining modern homes and traditional homes.

We love traditional and classic design that brings us to old ages nuances. But, if you wish to live your life more about having no enough time to check every corner and sculpture, let these designs stay in your ideas. You know that contemporary architecture is the one most right for you.

Adjusting Your Landscape Architecture

Adjusting Your Landscape Architecture

We have long talked about flooring, roofing, kitchen and living room and now it is time to talk about landscape architecture, the one that may seem pretty far of our private space but actually has many things to do with it. Those things of flooring, roofing, kitchen and living room mentioned above is all about indoor space, while the landscape is about outdoor. If you are one that thinks that your outdoor space is only a small part to impress your guests, surroundings and visitors and only have a few things to do with your happiness and calm life inside your house wall, you might want to think again. Even your indoor spaces feel heavenly and even your bathroom never smells bad, but if you have that terrible landscape outside your wall believe that you will not be that happy either.

Landscape Architecture

You must find it not so strange for you, that feeling about those same places you right away will feel unpleasant whenever you should go there. Yes, there are some good environments and there are some not. It is not about the community only, but also the landscape architecture. Normally we will not expect to live in a community where the landscapes may affect bad for our neighborhood. To take it clear, no matter how we love the urban life with all those night life and lamps, we do not want our houses to be side by side with that crowd.

And, contrary, if we can get as what we expect, we want to live there where good natural view and fresh air of park, garden, lake and mountain are right side by side our backyard or even the front yard. This is part and a very few of why the matters about landscape architecture is matters. No matter how you love your kitchen and living room, but if you know that you will find a not-so good views and arrangement outside your door, you will wish for a prettier and manageable landscape. Thus, a good landscape will complete your serenity living and make your private living space near to perfect.

Naturally, we will not have any good houses and so does that good living spaces if we are between the not so-good landscape. And even if you are, even you care less about the adjustment of your space living with your surrounding landscape, you will not feel comfortable anyway since it is already our instinct to have ourselves adjust with our surroundings. Therefore, before you pick a space to live, consider the landscape architecture as one of the main factors whether to say yes or no to some environment.

While generally there are two of mainstream landscapes that can be surround you that are whether modern or traditional landscape, you surely should adjust it with the way you want to live. If you want relatively natural surroundings, then choose that traditional landscape like suburban or country. On the other hand, if you are one these days people who work and also have fun a lot, go with that modern landscape architecture.

Architectural Digest Lets You Feel Happier Than Fashion

Architectural Digest Lets You Feel Happier Than Fashion

If you are one with desire in design and architecture, then the architectural digest is for you.  Here, the digest and the not-so digest of design and architecture is presented to you, for you to digest. And even we said before, some of them are not really a digest, you will still digest it happily. With good design and architecture surround you; you will live more happily than you leave with a good fashion and wardrobe every day.

Why? It is actually so simple. You are not keeping in touch with that or those wardrobes all the time, yet they are not surrounding you all the time too. While those fashionable look; pretty much you will just only take some picture of you with them and then when you come back home you put them off and you are done with them. But, it is not with a good design and architectural digest. Good design and architectural surrounds you anytime your home.

Good fashion may be able to give you boosted confidence, that feeling of being gorgeous and good picture.  But, with good design and architectural surround you, you will get three of them: boosted confidence, that feeling of being gorgeous, good picture and surely serenity and relax living. These two mentioned the latest may not be given by your fashion; and instead the more you apply fashion the more you aware of spotlights and criticism. Trust it, that only with good design and architecture you will appear gorgeous without any bad days. Instead of those pages of fashion reviews about what is in and what is out, turn on that pages of pages of design and architecture in architectural digest and feel that calm in your heart. And surely, in design and architectural everything does not in or out that terribly.

Satisfy your appetites with architectural digest and make yourself a more inspirational, creative, and eventually a more positive and happy person? Oh yes, supplying you with good pictures of design and architectural everyday will surely make you smile even you do not need to notice that. Seeing that beauty of architecture and designs pictures, even though there are some of them which you can’t apply to your own will make you feel bright. And surely, design and architecture are not just about what materials are the best for the roof, how to make the limited space of the room appears bigger and so on. It is also about the rich of colors available on earth for you to brighten your space, it is about happiness both in indoor and outdoor spaces, it is about maximizing your life and eventually about how to live better.

Design and architectural is all about art, and only those who understand the art behind every design and architecture that would give you what you will feel bright at. Go beyond only so commercial and residences, indoor and outdoor, flooring and roofing or kitchen and living room, architectural digest supply you with many and much bright things for you to digest happily.