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The House Living Room Interior Styles

The House Living Room Interior Styles

The house interior styles may vary for every person. But, one thing for sure, it is all about The comfort and tranquility for the home occupants. Living room, as the main family gathering spot in the house, it requires maximum comfort in order to guarantee the family’s quality time.

Living room interior doesn’t have to be fancy or luxurious. The living room is where all the family members get together and share with each other. Creating a warm living room atmosphere and intimate is mandatory. But, you should consider as well the landscaping and the necessity of the room. The living room needs a special attention, especially regarding the space requirement. Since the family room is a special room, provide more space than other rooms. The reason is very simple: the home is a haven for its occupants. The living room will always be the center point of every kind of house concept in all around the world. So, do not hesitate to design it to indulge the occupants of the house.

The living room design should be adjusted to the needs. It means to adjust the desire and habits of family members. An L-shaped sofa and 1-arm chair are enough to accommodate a whole family. The red and white cushions can be placed on the sofas as a refresher and also as the additional texture of the living room.

Television is an electronic item that never goes out of the living room. Put a TV by attaching directly to the wall. This can save a place of the interior living room. If you have a set of a home theatre sound system, it can be set on the right and left of the TV to get the dramatic sound effects. There’s no need to add complementary ornaments or decoration in the living room if you want this room feels more airy and spacious.

In addition to having the aesthetic value, the living room should also be healthy. It means, do not ignore the natural lighting in the room. Integrate a vented window on one side of the room. The ventilation is not only as a facility for the air circulation, but also the entry of light into the room. Given enough light, it will make the family room warm, comfortable, and roomy impression.

Modern Designing Small Living Room

Modern Designing Small Living Room

In today’s modern world, people have different needs and will certainly impact on their ideas on how a room can be used. As with many things, it is not always possible to find and usually requires compromise. Modern and minimalist to find plenty of space and a bit ‘, but that may not be suitable for young families. You can find the second part, but this often leads to the room with jewelry and related office environment meets busy.

Focusing on the family, that people, a room full of heat and an environment where they can flop with friends and family, but the relaxation room full of sofas and chairs. When planning your vacation sure that you are satisfied want to look at their lifestyle needs and how you want.


The small interior considers the space available so that the room when completed airy, bright and friendly looks. In modern homes, the high cost of real estate has led to rooms in small homes, which in turn restricts the types of designs that you can walk into the living room. So if your home is modern or contemporary, should the available space and a good internal use of materials and colors, and does the same is always the space and light.

Classic Art Deco Living Room Furniture Design

Classic Art Deco Living Room Furniture Design

Nowadays, we may often hear that everything can be recycled due to the green campaign of the earth. However, which can also be recycled is not only your mineral water bottles, but the interior design trend can also be recycled, so that there’s a phrase “everything old is new again”.

What we’re talking about is the classic interior design, especially one of the most exceptional interior design ever innovated called Art Deco. When it comes to Art Deco architectural design, what will cross your mind is the impression of elegant, luxurious and classic. Therefore, many homeowners still cling to this concept, so that their homes seem very distinctive on the onslaught of the modern minimalist concept.

The Art Deco is actually inspired by the architectural concept of the ancient Egyptian, which was reflected by the design of the King Tut’s tomb in the Giza Pyramid. This was stimulated many architects, interior designers, fashion stylists, painters and many more, to adopt the ancient Egyptian concept into their works.

One of the most stunning in the Art Deco style is the furniture style. In the glory era of Art Deco, there were many furniture artists that gave great contributions to the Art Deco Furniture style. For example, Jacque-Emile Ruhlmann, which was well known due to the utilization of exotic woods integrated by the sleek carvings. Another great artist was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which preferred the utilization of steel and chrome as the principle furniture components.

However, one thing for sure, though there were many furniture artists that had their own concept, Art Deco furniture design always have its main characteristics until now. The typical geometrical shape is inspired by many cultures, featuring Egyptian, Mexican and African. Beside that, Art Deco furniture design is always composed and accessorized by high class wood, metal and plastic material.