Living Room Interior Function Decorating Ideas

Living room interior is an important part of a house because it’s the central part of a house which serves as the gathering place of the home occupants. However, the function of living room may be a bit different from one home to another. It depends on the frequent activity of the home occupant that takes place in the living room.

Given there is a difference in the function, the living room interior can be classified in a few functions, such as a formal living room, family room, and a simple home office room.

The formal living room is a living room which is specialized to facilitate some kind of a hang out or conversation room for your big family or friends. Therefore, the most important thing in arranging this formal living room interior is the sofa layout. Make sure that the sofa layout facilitates each person that sits to talk to the others. Beside that, the lighting is the second most important thing. The crystal chandelier and a few tasks or decorative lamps are enough.

The living room interior that serves as the family room might be common for many homeowners. But, most family rooms aren’t decorated as it should be. When you gather with your family in the family room, what do you and your family do? Of course, chatting, watching TV and playing game. Therefore, make sure that the television, as the focal point, has to be fully viewable from any angle of the room. Don’t forget to use a plush rug in the front of the television to be the additional seating area.

It may feel more comfortable to do the office work that you take home in the living room interior, accompanied by your family. Well. As long as your work doesn’t require a very silent and isolated room, you can do your office work in the living room. Install a bookshelf to store your books without taking too much space in the living room. To enhance the nuance, add an aromatherapy candle that can affect your thought to think more focus.